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Pain, sleeplessness, poor digestion, and fluctuating moods might be some of the signs that your body is unsettled and tipping in the wrong direction. Acupuncture works to increase blood circulation to any area of your body from your head to your toes that needs repair. With the use of hair-thin needles, blood and nutrients are moved to these areas to help heal and decrease inflammation. We have ONE GOAL and that is to restore function and enable your body to work for you, not against you.

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“Wow! Your reactivating my shoulder and glute was amazing. I skied lift open to lift close and had no muscle fatigue or soreness at all. Was stronger and better skier than I have been all year! My ski partner couldn’t believe it. And this week my shoulder feels like new. NO more tendon pulling pain at all in it. Thankyou!”

“Erica’s passion and commitment to her patient’s health and well-being is truly genuine and heartfelt. She is continually expanding her depth of practice which encompasses all aspects of one’s health and wellness. Each session is new and fresh and exciting. I highly recommend Erica and feel very blessed to have her as my primary health care provider.”

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“I am convinced Erica is a magician! She is most definitely a master of Chinese medicine. Erica helped and continues to improve my energy levels and gives me a grounded sense of calm. The greatest gift she has given me is the ability to be more comfortable in my own body by not feeling as hot in temperature all the time. I can now go for a walk without worrying that I will be a sweaty mess. Magic! Thank you, Erica for your dedication to continue learning and broadening your knowledge to help me, my mom and all the other Luky patients that get to cross your path.”

“Erica is hands down the most talented natural medicine provider I have ever worked with. Expand your concept of healing, self-care, relaxation and recovery by getting addicted to her services. My recommendation: take the time to do a proper consultation and let her do whatever she thinks needs doing. You will not regret it. As a professional athlete and a cancer survivor, I can say that Erica has been able to work with me through everything from torn ligaments, broken bones, exhaustion, stress, overtraining, training for performance, recovery from training, fibromyalgia, fatigue and radiation sickness. If you come to Aspen and you don’t spend time with Erica, you are missing something very special.”


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Get your quality of life back