“I have been feeling so great since the last treatment! I feel an overall lightness and feel a little more clarity, like I’m a little more physically and mentally capable. I have been sleeping like a rock, I don’t even remember the last time I went to bed and didn’t wake up once in the night. My neck/shoulder I don’t even feel anymore. My back just a little in the mornings. YOU ARE AMAZING!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!”

A.S, Basalt, CO

“Erica is hands down the most talented natural medicine provider I have ever worked with. Expand your concept of healing, self-care, relaxation and recovery by getting addicted to her services. My recommendation: take the time to do a proper consultation and let her do whatever she thinks needs doing. You will not regret it. As a professional athlete and a cancer survivor, I can say that Erica has been able to work with me through everything from torn ligaments, broken bones, exhaustion, stress, overtraining, training for performance, recovery from training, fibromyalgia, fatigue and radiation sickness. If you come to Aspen and you don’t spend time with Erica, you are missing something very special.”

K.H., London

“Erica’s passion and commitment to her patient’s health and well-being is truly genuine and heartfelt. She is continually expanding her depth of practice which encompasses all aspects of one’s health and wellness. Each session is new and fresh and exciting. I highly recommend Erica and feel very blessed to have her as my primary health care provider.”

S.CS , Aspen, CO

“I dealt with some pretty severe pain for several years. By the time I went to see Erica, I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk, could hardly get up from a chair, and driving in the car was miserable. She has been a godsend. My pain is almost completely gone, and I have gotten my life back. In addition to her helping me with the pain I was enduring, her customer service, is exemplary. She’s kind and she takes the time to actually listen to what you have to say. It makes a difference…and she has changed my outlook. If you’re looking for someone seriously, to help with what ails you, this is your girl.”

D.P. , Basalt, CO

“Erica is amazing! she is so passionate about her work and very dedicated to helping her clients heal and perform better. I have seen Erica for acupuncture that has targeted my whole body and a wide range of challenges, including pregnancy, stress, grief, and physical and emotional pain. She provides a very holistic mind-body approach that feels like a one-stop wellness shop. She has helped me get rid of years-long pain with her orthopedic acupuncture and continues to help me achieve my goals every time I meet with her. She is supportive and always striving to provide the most helpful productive solutions. I am so grateful for her continued help and will always be dedicated to the transformative work Erica does.”

J.S, Aspen, CO

“Erica completely sped up the healing process for my stress fracture. I am an ultra- runner, and unluckily had a stress fracture injury in my shin this summer. During my first session with Erica, she completely reactivated my entire right side that had shut down after the injury. This made a huge leap in getting me back to normal. From here on, she focused on increasing circulation in the injury through electronic stimulation, thoughtful acupuncture, and relaxing massage. Her help extended outside of our acupuncture sessions to advising me about practices to implement in my daily life for expediting healing. Erica is an amazing acupuncturist and an extremely generous person.”

M.W , Aspen, CO

“Wow! Your reactivating my shoulder and glute was amazing. I skied lift open to lift close and had no muscle fatigue or soreness at all. Was stronger and better skier than I have been all year! My ski partner couldn’t believe it. And this week my shoulder feels like new. NO more tendon pulling pain at all in it. Thankyou!”

B. M., Minnesota

“Erica knows her stuff. She’s so thoughtful and caring about your treatment program. She’s also just lovely to be with. The office is beautiful, and she’s following all required Covid protocols thoroughly.”

A.G., Aspen, CO

“For most of my life, I viewed acupuncture and Eastern medicine as “supplements” to traditional medicine and not a necessary part of my overall well-being and program of care. As a massage client of Erica’s for many years, I was intrigued when she told me that she felt that acupuncture could have many benefits for my overall wellness. I had one acupuncture session and was completely hooked. Since then, she has helped me to address issues from stress and focus in my professional life to orthopedic issues in my shoulders and back. I feel the positive impacts of acupuncture during the session and for days and weeks following; it has been a game-changer for me mentally and physically. Erica’s whole mind and body approach is so refreshing. From a personal health perspective, I would often find myself rundown and sick during stressful times at work and many times after extensive work travel; many of these times resulted in antibiotics to treat ailments that just wouldn’t go away on their own. Two years into my acupuncture journey with Erica and I haven’t had a single antibiotic or illness beyond a minor cold. She’s a master and her work has changed my life.”

S.J, Aspen, CO

“I was experiencing severe pain and immobility due to an arthritic cyst in my hip joint that was impacting basic activities of daily living. Unable to even negotiate stairs without pain, I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic hip surgeon and decided to utilize Erica’s services as well. Through acupuncture, natural injection and therapeutic massage, Erica has successfully treated my pain and helped me regain strength and range of motion. I am back to living a very active lifestyle doing the activities I enjoy again. I am so grateful for this transformative healing experience. I unequivocally recommend Erica Boulangee as a highly skilled compassionate practitioner.”

J.K , Aspen, CO

“The impacts of my acupuncture and whole-body health sessions with Erica have been life changing. I am a big believer in the positive impacts of massage, but I was skeptical about whether acupuncture was a good fit. I had NO IDEA what a game changer it would be. Erica has helped me to improve my stress management, mental clarity and focus at work while treating orthopedic issues in my shoulders, neck and back. The positive impacts are felt immediately and continue for weeks. I have seen significant improvements in my mental health and in all of my athletic endeavors. Erica is so thorough and diligent in understanding whole body health; I have no doubt that Erica understands my health and wellness better than doctors I have seen for most of my life. I’m 1000% committed to acupuncture and massage as part of my preventive and restorative care thanks to Erica’s incredible work.”

S.J , Aspen, CO

“I am convinced Erica is a magician! She is most definitely a master of Chinese medicine. Erica helped and continues to improve my energy levels and gives me a grounded sense of calm. The greatest gift she has given me is the ability to be more comfortable in my own body by not feeling as hot in temperature all the time. I can now go for a walk without worrying that I will be a sweaty mess. Magic! Thank you, Erica for your dedication to continue learning and broadening your knowledge to help me, my mom and all the other Luky patients that get to cross your path.”