Dry needling is a specific acupuncture style that is focused on treating tight bands of muscle or trigger points. It differs from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style many people associate with acupuncture where acupuncture points are used in accordance with Chinese medicine principles to alter physiological processes in the body.

Dry Needling involves a specific needling technique that causes the muscle to twitch involuntarily while loosening the muscle and restoring it to a more normal state. It is called “dry” needling because acupuncture needles are solid and do not contain any fluid in them like hypodermic needles (“wet” needles).

Erica’s approach to dry needling is different from one you might find from a non-acupuncturist. She has extensive training in dry needling, far beyond what is required to perform this technique. She looks at the entire body and tests for muscular imbalances. When a muscle group is overworking, it will commonly create tight bands. If we were to only treat the tight bands (where your pain, likely is) often your pain or discomfort will return. An acupuncturist is always looking at the whole-body picture. When we take a systemic approach, our goal is to treat the underlying cause so that your pain or discomfort does not return.